How to Target Corporate Limo Client with Pay Per Click

How to Target Corporate Limo Clients with Pay Per Click   Transcript: Hey, what's up everyone? It's Mark with Limo Marketer here, back with another video for you all. And today I'd like to talk about how you target corporate clients, and specifically, how do you...

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SEO vs PPC – What’s better for your Limo business?

This seems to be a question we get a fair deal. Should my business spend money on SEO, PPC or both? As with many things in life the answer is, it depends. For newer businesses, I almost always suggest going with pay per click, as you see immediate results. Let’s run...

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Does Your Limo Business Even Need PPC Management?

Ah yes, the crux of it all. Is it even necessary to have your campaign run by someone who is an Adwords professional? No, it’s not. I have seen campaigns run by owners of limo companies that have impressed me, and that isn’t easy to do. This isn’t very common,...

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Is Google Adwords Right for your Limo Business?

When setup properly, Google Adwords can be a great investment for your business; those first three words were the most crucial. We speak to limousine companies everyday who have tried out Adwords only to have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars and gotten very...

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