COVID-19 Update for Operators This is your COVID-19 update and recommendations for operators. The coronavirus pandemic has devastated our industry. I’m here to talk about: where do we go from here? When do we start marketing again? We work with providers...

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Conversion Rate Optimization for Limo Companies

Let’s talk about conversion rate optimization. This is just a fancy name for making as much money from your website as you possibly can. It’s an element of paid advertising (Google ads and Bing ads) that’s oven overlooked. Your website or landing page can give you a...

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Minimum Ad Spend for Limo Marketers

Let’s talk about minimum viable ad spend. How much do you need to spend on ads with your limo business? It depends on your business. You may focus on: Airport transportation Charter buses Party buses Other transport services The question is: how much do you need to...

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How to Use Negative Keywords

Do you want to double your ad spend in one easy step? This article is for you. Let’s talk about negative keywords. When you are running a Google or Bing campaign, you have the option to define negative keywords. Within the keyword broadness spectrum, keywords are...

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You’ve worked hard to start your business and keep it running. Now it’s time to really stand out from the local competition by taking your online marketing efforts to a higher level. We can help you secure TOP placement on Google for the majority of the Limousine related keywords in your area, as well as manage your overall online presence. However, we only work with ONE company in each city, so call us at 855-255-LIMO before your competitor does.

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