Ravand’s Private Rides


Ravand Doski immigrated to the United States from Kurdistan in 2016. He started out driving for Uber in Nashville, Tennessee after receiving a donated car from his cousin. Ravand worked his way up from UberX to Uber Black as he acquired better vehicles.


In 2022, Ravand found us online, and with our help grew his fleet from 1 to 7 vehicles in a year. His fleet now includes SUVs, Mercedes S-Class sedans, and a sprinter van.

Online Marketing Metrics

Ravand received a total of 3708 leads in his first year with Limo Marketer. These leads were people looking for black car services in Nashville.

Manton Transportation


Clinton and Mariah started their business in Orlando, Florida in 2020 right before the pandemic hit. Mariah found Mark from Limo Marketer on Facebook and reached out for digital marketing help.


Right after starting with Limo Marketer, Clinton and Mariah grew their monthly rides from 35 per month to 60 – 80 rides per month. They went from struggling to make ends meet to hiring a second driver.

Online Marketing Metrics

Mariah & Clinton received a total of 4452 leads in their first year with Limo Marketer. These leads were people looking for black car services in Orlando.

Crown Limo LA

Crown Limo LA is a Los Angeles based limousine company that has been providing the best customer service and vehicle selection in the Los Angeles area. David Navon founded the company in the 90s, and since then has been running a very successful operation.

David first spoke with us back in April of 2016 (at the time, our business was named ‘Clix Profit’). He had been working with a company that had been helping him out with his pay per click campaigns, and sending him reports of how those campaigns were performing. He thought everything was well and good, until we started reviewing the reports with him. Come to find out, things weren’t as good as the company made them out to be, and he wasn’t getting nearly as many leads as he thought he was.

Davids business was already successful, but he knew in order to take his business to the next level, he needed more leads for what he was spending; he also knew he needed better sales systems that would help him automate follow up, something very few limo companies do.

Watch the video below to see how David and Limo Marketer have taken Crown Limo LA to the next level!

Blue Nile Livery

Blue Nile Livery is a Boston based limousine company. They own several sedans and SUVs and focus on airport and corporate work for the most part, with some retail work to fill in the weekends. Nebyou Mogues founded the company in 2015 and has since been trying to aggressively grow it.

Nebyou first spoke to us in February of 2017 (at the time, our business was named ‘Clix Profit’). At the time he was frustrated as he had been through 5 different marketing companies. They all promised results but were short on delivery.

Nebyou was a few months away from going out of business. Watch the interview to find out what happened next…

Five Star Transportation

Five Star Transportation is a San Diego based limo company that up until about a year ago just focused on corporate and airport car services.

Adrian Davis, the owner originally spoke with us in April of 2016. He used our service for a while but ended up trying out some other companies. He came back to us in October of 2018 with a new plan. He wanted to start going after Charter Bus business, because he saw that the airport/corporate car service market was just too saturated, and wasn’t profitable anymore.

Check out the video to see what his experience has been like since he started working with us again.

Note: Adrian saw the writing on the wall for the airport car service industry. Since he has switched to targeting larger vehicles the profit he makes has increased drastically.

Knox Affinity Limo

Knox Affinity Limo is based in Salt Lake City, UT, and focuses on airport and corporate transportation.

Holly Knox came to us back in August of 2018. She knew she needed to start doing online advertising if she was going to start to increase the amount of business she was getting.

Find out how Holly what Holly’s experience has been like so far with Limo Marketer in the video!

Dream Limousines Detroit

John Guerrieri with Dream Limousines started working with Limo Marketer in December of 2018. At the time, Dream Limousines was already doing very well in their organic search, but was looking to drive even more traffic and leads via pay per click marketing.

Fast forward to June of 2019, and they are receiving approximately 300 leads a month from pay per click ALONE.

In the video, John explains what his experience has been like so far with Limo Marketer!

A & J Limousine

Justin Plackett from A&J Limousines started working with Limo Marketer (formerly Clix Profit) in March of 2018. At the time, he had tried out several different agencies only to end up disappointed. Within 60 – 90 days they started realizing that the increase in bookings was directly attributed to the work being done by Limo Marketer.

Fast forward a year and they have seen a large increase in profits (watch the video to find out how much!)

Watch the video to see Justin explain the results in his own words!

Diego Party Bus

Michael Hammi with Diego Party Bus started working with Limo Marketer back in October of 2018 to manage is pay per click campaign. The results from the campaign were outstanding, and he was flooded with leads.

The only issue was, Mike just didn’t have the staff or time to follow up with all of these leads himself. He knew follow up was crucial but without the time or the staff he resigned himself to hoping they would book upon the first quote.

After speaking with Mike about this we decided he should give our follow up system a shot, as even booking a few extra jobs a month would make it worth it, and he was average 15 – 20 quote requests a day.

Within a few days of it being setup, Mike saw a very big difference in the number of people getting reengaged through the automated emails. On the first automated email alone, he was getting close to a 40% response rate.

Watch the video to find out how Mike has been liking the system!

Case Study – How A Boston Limo Company 10x’d His Business In 6 Months

Are you the owner of a transportation company struggling to get clients consistently?
Or maybe you are getting clients consistently but think the return on your marketing dollars isn’t as good as it could be?

I just recently interviewed a Boston Transportation Company that was months away from going out of business. In this case study you will find out the EXACT strategies we used to take him from an owner/operator, to the head of a successful transportation company with 5 vehicles and 5 full-time chauffeurs.

You will find out that with the right marketing system in place, anyone can have these same results.

You’ve worked hard to start your business and keep it running. Now it’s time to really stand out from the local competition by taking your online marketing efforts to a higher level. We can help you secure TOP placement on Google for the majority of the Limousine related keywords in your area, as well as manage your overall online presence. However, we only work with ONE company in each city, so call us at 855-255-LIMO before your competitor does.

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