Let’s talk about conversion rate optimization. This is just a fancy name for making as much money from your website as you possibly can. It’s an element of paid advertising (Google ads and Bing ads) that’s oven overlooked. Your website or landing page can give you a 3x increase revenue from paid ads. 

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Creating a landing page is something you have to pay for one time but it keeps working for you day after day, week after week, month after month. This generates more revenue for your business. Whenever I see a website or landing page that isn’t built to convert, I shake my head. It’s shortsighted. Most business owners don’t realize how important this is.

They think, “If I just send traffic to a page, people will call and request quotes.” That isn’t the truth. If you’ve tracked with a lot of my training materials, you know that it is important to get relevant traffic to your pages. That’s half of the battle. The other part is that, when qualified buyers come to the page, they take action. There are elements that should be built into a page that gets them to take action.

This is very similar to having a sales process in place that turns a lead into a customer. There are multiple conversions in sales funnel:

  1. Initial traffic to your page (from a paid ad)
  2. Lead generated by traffic
  3. Converting a lead into a customer
  4. Building customer loyalty for repeat spend

These four aspects help you generate and keep clients. All paid ads, all online ads, are expensive. If you only have that client one time, it’s even more expensive. Once users come back again and again (client retention), you can afford to spend more money on advertising.

Dan Kennedy said, “the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer, wins.” Russell Brunson is another marketing guy who echoed that in one of his books. This is true because you can outspend your competitors. So, let’s talk about conversation rate optimization.

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What is Important to Optimize Conversion Rates

Most landing pages we create at Limo Marketer follow a similar format. This is because there are some tried and true ways that limo operators advertise. This is the 20% format that drives 80% of the results. Here are the basics.

Landing Page Tip: Phone Number Above the Fold

The fold is everything you see before you start scrolling. It’s essential that someone finds what they’re looking for right away. There are still many website where you can’t find the phone number at all, or, it’s written almost too small to read and isn’t clickable. The phone number on your website needs to include:

  • Big, readable numbers
  • Call to action (invitation: call now!)
  • Clickable

As most of us know… 5466 spells “limo”!

Improve conversion rate limo marketer

Keywords and Logo Front and Center on Website

Your logo should be visible and obvious. This is part of social proof, or the credentialing that your website does. In other words, when someone goes to your website, it should be obvious that you are a legitimate, established company. A logo helps with that. 

You can also use the text on your website to reinforce your chosen keywords. Here are some other elements that should be highly visible on the top of your website:

  • Location
  • Service
  • Hero shot

A hero shot is a business photo or engaging photo where the picture is looking at the CTA button or otherwise drawing the user’s attention to an interaction. People are conditioned to follow an eyeline. You can strategically utilize hero images to subtly direct someone to an invitation or button. I’ve actually seen this increase conversion rates.

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Image Choices for Retail Car Business Websites

There are a few different choices for images on your landing page or website. It’s good to have images of people, not just vehicles. These can be purchased, royalty-free stock images that reflect the services you provide. For instance, if you are a party bus company, you can have pictures of groups of people having fun. If you focus on airport service, you can use a photo of a businessperson traveling to an airport. These will all help illustrate what you do.

Forms on Limo Operator Website

For limo companies, our favorite forms are a one-step, get a quick quote form. Most people in this industry use an online booking form.

I don’t love just using these. Here’s why: these are not conversion tools. Those are tools to let your current clients book online. It is a good option. But it shouldn’t be the only option. This is an essential piece for your conversion strategy.

These don’t work for new customers because you don’t obtain the vital info: phone number, name, email. You have no ability to reach out and market to these people. Through these software platforms, they already get a quote and then price shop you without interacting with you at all. Once that person leaves your website to do that, you’ve lost all of the ad spend.

Here are some conversion rates from extensive research that Limo Marketer has done on our clients:

  1. The forms above convert at about 1%
  2. A one-step form on your site converts at 15-30%

Even with the one-step form, not all of those will convert. But, if you do get 30% leads and you convert a percentage of those, you’re still converting a portion. A conversion percentage of 1% is virtually non-existent.

Testimonials on a Car Service Website

You don’t have to get new testimonials, but you want to post real reviews of your companies. These can come from:

  1. Yelp
  2. Social media profiles
  3. Google

Testimonials should include the review and photo of the reviewer, if possible. Make sure the review matches the service. For example, if your landing page focuses on weddings, you don’t want the review to be about a corporate limo service. You want brides who are raving about their great limo experience.

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Setting up a Landing Page

Additional items that you should have lower down on the page should include pictures of your fleet, another CTA and a list of services.

At Limo Marketer, landing pages are part of our strategy because they can be optimized for conversion and are highly trackable. Distinctive features that accelerate your lead generation are:

No navigation: this simplifies user experience and reduces the chance that users will get distracted and not fill out the form

Provide the right information: the page itself should be minimal but have enough information and answers questions

Remember, conversion rate is just the number of visitors divided by the number of leads.

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Limo Marketer Landing Page Example

Here is a visual example of how we would structure a website or landing page using the simple elements above.

website conversion exampleWant to find out how we can implement this for your business? Go here to get in touch with Limo Marketer and find out more about our expert services.


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