When it comes to crushing a Google Ads campaign for your transportation service or limo company, a little bit of strategy goes a long way. I get calls all the time from people, and they always ask the same question: why are my Google Ads campaigns failing?

By optimizing your campaigns for conversions, you can improve your website’s ability to convert leads into sales. Keep reading to learn how you can 14x your bookings without spending extra money on clicks.

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The Three Things That Create the Lowest Client Acquisition Costs 

The goal with any lead gen tactic — whether it’s booked rides through Facebook or booked rides with Google Ads — is getting that lead cost low.

We’re going to cover three components that help create the lowest client acquisition costs possible:

  • Google Ads (the ads themselves)
  • Website (landing pages, how it’s optimized)
  • Follow-up (the magic is in that nurture)

When you get all of these running like a well oiled machine, you can cut client acquisition costs drastically. I talk to clients all the time, and it’s often these areas where they need the most help. Recently, I had a chat with a friend who was getting 3,000 impressions, 260 clicks, and 8 leads from their Google Ad campaign.

Unfortunately, even with all that money spent on clicks, zero out of the eight leads followed through with booking. So, what’s the deal here?

If he’s paying around $2 per click, but zero dollars come from the client, that’s $520 down the drain. Even if he had one lead convert to a sale, that means that one lead cost him that same amount — $520.

Nobody wants a cost that high. So, what can he do to revamp the campaign and get the most value from paid clicks?

What Limo Companies Need to Know About Google Ads

When you aren’t getting booked rides from Google Ads, what you probably have is an underperforming Google Ads campaign. A good campaign is one of the most effective ways for a limo company or party bus operator to attract new leads. But you can’t just stick with a smart campaign or advice from the in-house Google Ads gurus.

The problem with Google Ads is that the system triggers different keywords for searches. For example, let’s say your keyword is: Houston airport limo service. Well, Google Ads may trigger your ad for the keyword “Houston airport shuttle service.”

Let’s say you have 100 clicks. If Google Ads is triggering clicks for these non-selected keywords, we can guess that only about half of those clicks will be relevant. This happens easily, especially if you rely on smart campaigns or Google guru advice.

How to Get More Booked Rides From Google Ads

Once a click has made it to your website, what do they see? If you’re using a booking widget like Limo Anywhere or Ground Alliance, it may be a struggle for potential sales to navigate the booking process. Additionally, widgets don’t track conversions.

My advice is always to have someone who is non-tech-savvy try and book through your website. Watch them as they use their mobile device to request a quote. How long is it taking them? If it’s not happening instantly, you’re losing leads.

The goal is to improve your conversion rate — or the number of users who reach your site divided by the number of users who take action. In this case, that action is asking for a quote. What would you guess is the conversion rate for the website with the poorly optimized ads campaign?

Let’s be generous and say it’s around 10%. So, out of our 100 clicks, we only get 50 relevant clicks. Out of those 50 relevant clicks, only 5 ask for a quote. Now, if you’re not crushing your close rate with the right follow-up strategies, you may only get a 10% lead to sales close rate.

That means, out of our 100 clicks, we’re only getting 0.5 sales. It would take 200 clicks to get one sale. At $2 a click, that’s around $400 for a single sale. If you only get around $160 for the job itself, you’re losing money.

What Does an Optimized Google Ads Campaign Look Like?

Let’s take a look at what an optimized campaign can do for your business using three factors:

  • An optimized Google Ads Campaign
  • An effective one-page landing page optimized for conversions
  • A follow-up strategy that gets quotes to users faster

First, you need to start out on the right foot and create a Google Ads campaign optimized for impressions and limo marketing keywords. If you’re spending money on clicks, you want to make sure your keywords are relevant to your business and broad enough to get search volume. You also want to make sure location settings are relevant, and you have a target location radius.

By optimizing your Google Ads campaign, you can easily bump up your relevant click rate up to 90%, if not higher. 

Second, you need to optimize your website. I always recommend limo marketers and other transportation services use a one-page landing page and not booking widgets. If you can optimize that landing page for conversions, you can get around 20-30 people asking for a quote or starting a chat out of the 100 users who hit your site.

From those 100 clicks, we now have 27 leads. But, the process isn’t over yet. Successful conversion comes from a quick follow-up. If it takes 45 mins for an email quote to hit a user mailbox, you can bet they won’t go for your service. Moreover, email quotes often get lost in a sea of spam. 

That’s why I always use SMS messaging. It’s fast, and you can create an automated system that follows up on users who don’t engage until they either book or opt-out.

More Booked Rides = More Money

If you make the right strategic adjustments, you can hope for a super high close rate of around 25%. Out of 100 clicks, that’s six or seven bookings. Compared to someone only getting 0.5 sales per 100 clicks, that’s a 14x improvement!

I’ve been doing limo marketing for quite a long time, so when I say it’s easy to 14x your Google Ads booked rides with these strategies, I mean it. By getting your ads to the right people, optimizing your website for conversions, and creating a quick and efficient follow-up process, you’ll see improvements in no time.

These simple tactics are valuable for any part of your marketing strategy. Even for SEO or Facebook Ads, if you follow these things, you can expect success.

If you’re still struggling to make the most out of your Google Ads campaigns, Limo Marketer is here to help. We specialize in online marketing services for transportation operators. Get in touch today to learn more, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more expert advice.

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