Location targeting is one of the most common questions we get. And it should be. A good targeting strategy can lead to your campaign attracting the perfect clients. A bad one could result in unprofitable jobs, dead leads, and wasted time. 

Here’s an example: One of our clients is a new operator from Stamford and Connecticut. He’d run Google Ads campaigns before, but he wasn’t getting the results he was looking for.

This client was looking specifically for airport drives to and from Connecticut and the eastern coastal area. When he targeted JFK or LaGuardia, he got a lot of requests from travelers looking to go to Manhattan and other areas outside of his ideal location.

These trips were not profitable for him, since he had to drive a considerable distance to and from each one.

This problem is common in our industry, but it is solvable. There are two main strategies I employ to avoid this issue. Let’s discuss how you can use location targeting to attract leads from your ideal limo clients. 

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Location Ad Targeting for Limo Clients

In your Google Ads campaigns under “advanced options”, there are three options available for selection.

If you’re looking for location targeted clients only, the best strategy is to use two separate campaigns: a “Presence or Interest” campaign targeting two location-specific keywords, and a “Presence” campaign targeting one location-specific keyword and one demographic location.

Here’s how you set it up. 

Setting Up a “Presence or Interest” Campaign

In one campaign, select the “Presence or Interest” option. In this campaign, you use keywords to target anyone searching for phrases that relate to their specific needs. 

For the example in the introduction, a perfect choice would be the keyword: “JFK to Stamford car service”.

Any phrase that fits the following formulas would be useful: 

  • “[Destination] to [Ideal city] car service”
  • “[Destination] to [Ideal city] limo”
  • “[Destination] to [Ideal city] transfer”

With this campaign, you’ll be able to successfully target clients from around the world who need to travel between your ideal destinations. You’re able to accomplish this with precise and strategic keywords.

Setting Up a “Presence” Campaign

In the second campaign, select the “Presence” option. In this campaign, your keywords should be something like this:

  • “JFK limo”
  • “LGA car service”

Paired with location preferences in the Connecticut radius, Google will understand that your ad should only be shown to people within that radius who search for the chosen keyword.

Running a “Presence” campaign alone will result in only local clients. If you are operating within a tighter budget, this might be ideal. 

The Benefit of Running Two Campaigns

With both types of campaigns, you will be targeting two types of ideal clients:

  1. Clients who live in Connecticut and want to travel to the airport 
  2. Clients who are flying into the airports from a global location who need to travel to Connecticut 

By using specific keywords in the first type of campaign, you can avoid clients who wish to travel outside of your preferred locations while simultaneously targeting the whole world and being visible to your ideal clients.

The potential for growth when using both types of campaigns is significant. When you use only the first type of campaign, you may miss an opportunity to target local clients, and when you use only the second, you run the risk of missing a considerable amount of business. 

Other Limo Client Targeting Strategies

Still unsure of whether both campaigns will set you up for success? 

Confused as to which campaign is best for you? 

Here are more recommendations for targeting your ideal clients.

Stretch Limos or Party Buses

Unless you are located in a vacation destination, a “Presence” campaign is ideal for targeting your clients. Most customers are local to these businesses, so this campaign is the most effective. 

Targeting local clients with this campaign can also lead to referrals and repeat business.

Sedans and SUVs 

In most cases, these businesses will benefit most from a “Presence or Interest” campaign because the audience is considerably more global. 

By maximizing the reach, this type of campaign will allow clients from around the world to view your ad when they search for your keywords.    

Find Your Ideal Limo Clients With Location Targeting

Finding your ideal limo clients can feel overwhelming at times, especially for those who are just beginning to market their business using Google Ads and other search engines

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