How to Target Corporate Limo Clients with Pay Per Click


Hey, what’s up everyone? It’s Mark with Limo Marketer here, back with another video for you all.

And today I’d like to talk about how you target corporate clients, and specifically, how do you target corporate clients using Google and Bing ads? And so I get this question a lot, and the simple answer is this: you really can’t just target corporate clients.

And here’s why…

So Google and Bing Ads both work pretty much the same, and how we target people on Google and Bing ads is based on what they’re actually searching. So it’s intent-based marketing, which just means they’re actively searching for a particular service.

You Must Think Like Your Ideal Prospect


So then your question might be, “Well, yeah, I get that. But why don’t I just use ‘corporate car service,’ or ‘corporate transportation’? So why aren’t these my keywords?”

All right, maybe I do this type of keyword, called phrase match (the keywords with quotes around them). So why not just use this?

And yeah, you can, but unless you’re in New York or maybe LA, this isn’t going to get many searches.

And I can tell you, even in those markets, it doesn’t get very many searches. And it’s also very, very expensive per click. And by very expensive, I mean it could be $7, $8, $9 per click!

And here’s the thing, so we call them “corporate clients,” right? “Corporate car service,” “corporate transportation clients.” But we can’t think like that when we’re doing Google or Bing ads.

How we have to think is, okay, say I am a corporate client over here, and I need to search for a car service. What am I going to search?

And 95% of the time or more, they are not going to reveal themselves as a corporate client and search something like “corporate airport car service.”

What Keywords to Actually Use


So what will they search?

Typically, they’re going to search something like “car service to,” and then location. That’s a very common one I see. Or maybe they search “limo service to location,” or “car service from location,” or “a limo service from location,” or “airport car service,” or “airport limo service,” or maybe they search the airport code.

So what I found is the best way to target corporate clients with Google and Bing ads is just going after airport traffic. Because generally speaking, if someone is looking for airport transportation and they’re not using Uber or Lyft, they probably have a little bit more budget allocated for their transportation.

And very often, those are going to be the people that are going to be your corporate clients, but they’re not revealing themselves in their search. So while we can’t be sure that 100% of people searching car service to JFK are corporate clients, there’s a good chance that a certain percentage of them are.

Common Corporate Limo Keywords


And so, when we’re creating our campaign, what we really want to do is we want to focus on airports.

And common keywords are things like “airport limo service,” “airport car service,” the name of the airport. So a lot of people call John F. Kennedy airport, “JFK,” or “LaGuardia.” Sometimes they’ll search. “LaGuardia limo service,” or they might search “LGA limo service.”

So we want to have airports plus the keyword, and the airport code plus the keyword.

And then finally, what about those of you who say, “I don’t want to do a campaign that …” Let’s say you’re doing O’Hare to Downtown Chicago, you’re like, “That’s like a $70 or $80 ride. I’m not even interested in those guys.”

And I get it. So what you want to do then is you want to combine the airport code, so I’m going to just call that “AC,” plus the location you want them to go to.

So let’s just say this is Midway Airport, so MDW, plus the location, and let’s say it’s Indianapolis, or Indy, and then, plus the keyword.

And we only do broad-match modified with this formula. So broad-match modifier is when you have a plus in front of each keyword.

So a good keyword would be plus MDW, plus, let’s say Indy, because I know a lot of people just refer to it as Indy, and then plus, okay, plus car service. I ran out of room. This should all be one phrase. Okay? And so we want to have a plus in front of each of these.

Should look like this: +mdw +indy +car +service

Or, we could also do, let’s erase this here, we could also do, let’s say plus MDW, so the airport code, plus Indy, and then plus limo. You don’t even have to put “service” in. The reason I say “car service,” and you want to include the “service” as well, is because they could be looking for a car rental.

Now, when someone uses the keyword “limo,” 98% of the time, they’re looking for a limo service. So we don’t even have to use “service.” And we don’t want to use “service” because sometimes people will just say “limo from MDW to Indy.” And so this keyword would capture that traffic. And so, another variation of this could be plus Midway, plus Indy, plus limo.

Should look like this: +mdw +indy +limo

This stuff took me years to to learn, guys. So this is pretty sick content.

Recap – How we target long runs & general airport searches


If you’re a limo company running your own Google Ads campaign, this right here can make you a lot of money. So that’s really how we target corporate clients. And this is how we target those longer runs.

We need to make sure we have the airport and the final destination, or it might be reversed, it might be someone going from “Indy to Midway limo service,” or something like that, that might be their search. And so this is the formula for longer runs.

And if you just want any sort of airport travelers, you could just eliminate Indy and just do “plus Midway, plus limo.”

And so that’s how we target corporate clients with Google and Bing ads. And again, I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this exact formula before. I might have in a previous video, I can’t remember.

But this is incredibly valuable, just learning this formula here, airport name or airport code, plus destination city, or city they’re starting from, right, because they might be going to or from the airport, and then the keyword.

But when we use the keyword, we don’t want to use “limo service,” we just want to use “limo.” But when we do car service, we want to have the “service” because it could be someone looking for a car rental.

So that’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

And if you’ve gotten this far, then I know you’ve gotten a ton of value from this, especially if you’re running your own paid traffic campaign.

So what I want you to do is this. Do me a favor, share this video, because I’m guessing you probably have some friends that could use this information as well.

Also, give it a like. And if you’ve ever tried this strategy before, please comment below, let me know how it worked, or if you have any questions. And so, guys, I really appreciate you watching the video, and I’ll see you on the next one.

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