Corporate clients can be a crucial market segment for many limo companies. While the ongoing global pandemic has significantly cut down demand from corporate clients, we are starting to see a steady return. As a result, now is the time to get your limo company marketing strategy on point.

Keep reading for expert tips on how to target corporate clients with pay per click by crafting your “pay-per-click” (PPC) marketing to help capture more limo service requests from corporate clients. 

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PPC Marketing For Limo Companies

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a form of internet marketing where you only pay for advertising each time your ad is clicked on. While this sounds like a frugal approach, irrelevant ad clicks that don’t lead to conversions can drain your advertising budget fast. 

A common question we get from limo companies is how to target corporate clients with PPC advertising. While there’s no sure-fire way to guarantee your ad will only get clicks from corporate clients, a few simple adjustments to your Google or Bing ad campaign can greatly help increase your odds.

PPC Marketing for Limo Companies: Why Keywords Matter

Whether you run your ad campaign on Google or Bing, both search engines work the same way when it comes to PPC clicks. Whether your ad shows up in search results depends on what prospective clients are searching for and how closely it matches your ad settings. This is where keywords and negative keywords come into play.

In digital marketing, a keyword refers to a word or group of words that an internet searcher types into a search bar. The search engine results page (SERP) is the page that a search engine like Google or Bing returns to a user after they query a search. 

When it comes to PPC marketing, your goal as a limo company is to ensure that when a prospective client in your area searches for your services, your ad shows up on the SERP. To make this happen, you’ll want to set specific keywords for your ad campaign, so that when a client types those words into the search bar, they’ll align to the keywords you’ve set, prompting your ad to show up.  

Limo Service Keyword Match Types

When crafting your PPC ad campaign, you can assign different keyword match types that define how and when your ad will appear. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Broad Match — This is the default match type setting for Google ads. With this match type, your ad may show up on searches loosely related to your keywords. 
  • Phrase Match — A phrase match setting will allow your ad to show up for searches that include one of your specific keywords or its meaning. This setting will prompt your ad to show up less frequently than a broad match setting, but increases the odds that it matches searcher intent more closely.   
  • Exact Match — An exact match setting will return your ad only on searches with the exact same meaning or intent as your keyword. This setting will prompt your ad to show up less frequently than with a broad match or phrase match setting, but it gives you the greatest control over who sees your ad. 

The key to a successful PPC ad campaign is to focus on intent-based marketing. This means you’ll want to capture clicks from prospective clients who are actively searching for your services, rather than those with questions or bargain shoppers looking to compare prices.

How Limo Companies Can Use Keywords to Target Corporate Clients

While it may seem tempting to set a keyword like “corporate car service” or “corporate transportation” to attract corporate clients, these keywords aren’t likely to capture many searches. The key to finding effective keywords is in putting yourself in the shoes of the person querying the search. 

Corporate clients probably won’t reveal themselves as “corporate.” It’s far more likely that a CEO arriving at JFK airport will type in a search term like “limo service JFK” before she types in “corporate limo service JFK”.

Depending on the keyword match types you’re using, including the word “corporate” in the keywords you set in your ad campaign might cause your ad to show up for queries related to corporate events or corporate services that are irrelevant to limo services. Irrelevant ad clicks can end up costing you anywhere from $1.50-$9 per click, so it’s easy to see how much money you risk losing with ineffective keywords.

How to Target Corporate Clients With Pay Per Click

It’s worth repeating that there’s no fool-proof way to ONLY target corporate clients. That said, you can increase your chances by focussing on airport traffic. Corporate clients looking for limo services are often traveling to or from a destination. 

Expertly setting your keywords to reflect the search-intent of a business person seeking limo transportation to or from an airport is the best way to target corporate clients with PPC.   

Location is key. If we determine that a searcher seeking your services is most likely to type the phrase “limo service” or simply “limo” to or from their intended location into the search bar, you can build a keyword list with this formula:

  • Limo service to {location}
  • Limo service from {location}

Or simply:

  • Limo to {location}
  • Limo from {location}

For the location portion of the keyword, you’ll want to add the airport or city you operate in and popular variations. For airports, this includes airport names, like John F. Kennedy Airport, as well as airport codes, like JFK. Here are a few sample keywords using this formula.

  • Limo service to JFK
  • Limo service to John F Kennedy
  • Limo to John F. Kennedy Airport
  • Limo to JFK
  • Limo to Manhattan 
  • Limo from JFK
  • Limo from Manhattan
  • Limo Manhattan

Negative Keywords for Limo Companies

Negative keywords are another crucial component of a successful PPC ad campaign. These are keywords that exclude your ads from showing up in a search that’s irrelevant to your company or services. 

A limo company targeting airport traffic at a specific airport will want to build out a negative keyword list that includes airports or locations you DON’T service. 

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you set the keyword “limo service” in your ad campaign with the intent of targeting clients in New York. If a traveler at JFK is searching for a limo service in Chicago, where they will be landing, they might type “limo service Chicago.” Because their query includes your keyword, your ad might show up, and they may click on it, costing you money when you don’t service the Chicago area.

If you set “limo service Chicago” as a negative keyword, this will exclude your ad from showing up in that searcher’s results, ensuring you won’t have to pay for an irrelevant click. While it may seem like a daunting task, setting negative keywords that include at least the top 500 airports and top 1500 cities you DON’T service can save you an enormous amount of money and help you better target the right clients.

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