SEO Strategy for Limousine Companies

In today’s landscape it has become more and more important for Limo companies to have visibility on the major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) as potential clients are searching for their services. Search engines are now the biggest source for potential customers when they are looking for services.

Below you will find out SEO strategy for limo businesses:

First Step – Build out your website and have more content & pages indexed by the search engines.

Most Limo companies only have a few pages on their website (Home, About Us, Services, Vehicles, Reservations, Contact Us). This doesn’t create a lot of indexable content for the major search engines. Most of these companies provide a wide array of other services that include Airport Limo Service & Car Service, Corporate Car Service, Prom Limo Service, Wedding Limo Service, Party Bus Rentals and Charter Bus Rentals (depending on the Limo company, you might not offer all of those services) just to name a few. By creating separate pages for each of these services (combined with the city modifiers), the Limo company can get listed in the search engines for all of these different combinations of keywords. Here’s an example:

Home – About – Reservations – Contact Us
Sub-pages for each service & vehicle – Houston Limo Service, Houston Airport Car Service, Houston Party Bus Rentals, Houston Prom Limo Service, Houston Wedding Limo Service, etc. Typically these companies provide these services outside of the main city, so it is important to build sub-pages for each of those cities as well.

Sub-pages for each of the sub-cities serviced – Sugar Land Limo Service, Sugar Land Car Service, Sugar Land Prom Limo Service, etc.

Step 2 – Optimize your pages for the search engines

Once you have all of your services and vehicle pages built, along with the cities and sub-cities there are certain things these pages need to have in order to be indexed properly by the search engines. We call this on-page optimization. Things like:

  • Unique title tag on every page
  • H1 tag that restates title tag
  • Image tags with the keyword in them
  • URL should have the keyword in it
  • Anchor text in the footer and on the page
  • XML Sitemap created & submitted to
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools

Step 3 – Inbound Links

Once the pages are built and you’ve completed the “on-page” SEO, you are ready to start getting links to your website. Everything that was completed up until this point was just laying the groundwork for what comes next. You need to start building out your quality inbound links, beginning with foundational links.

30% of SEO is On-Page. 70% is the Link Building

Once the on-page optimization is complete, you’re just getting started. The only way to get your site ranked above the competition and begin to dominate in your market is to have MORE quality inbound links than your competition.

He Who Has The MOST Quality, Relevant Inbound Links to Their Website Wins!

Directory Listings – You want you site to be listed in as many directories as possible (Yahoo Local Directory,, Angies List, TripAdvisor, etc.)

Association Links – Make sure you have a link to your site from any sort of industry association that you are apart of (NLA, Chauffeur Driven, GCLA, etc.)

Create interesting content and articles about your industry – The biggest source of inbound links will come from articles you publish about things like “Prom Limo Service” or “Airport Car Service” that are pushed out to hundreds of different directory sites, each which contains a link back to a specific page of your website.

Case Study – How A Boston Limo Company 10x’d His Business In 6 Months

Are you the owner of a transportation company struggling to get clients consistently?
Or maybe you are getting clients consistently but think the return on your marketing dollars isn’t as good as it could be?

I just recently interviewed a Boston Transportation Company that was months away from going out of business. In this case study you will find out the EXACT strategies we used to take him from an owner/operator, to the head of a successful transportation company with 5 vehicles and 5 full-time chauffeurs.

You will find out that with the right marketing system in place, anyone can have these same results.

You’ve worked hard to start your business and keep it running. Now it’s time to really stand out from the local competition by taking your online marketing efforts to a higher level. We can help you secure TOP placement on Google for the majority of the Limousine related keywords in your area, as well as manage your overall online presence. However, we only work with ONE company in each city, so call us at 855-255-LIMO before your competitor does.

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