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Limo Internet Marketing Program Overview

After Limo Companies see our information, they really want to get an understanding what our Internet marketing program is, how it works, and how our companies have been able to get to the top of the search engines and generate a lot more bookings.

We want you to understand precisely what we do and how we generate these insane results!

A common question I get from Limo company owners is: “I see that you guys know what you’re doing and have helped other Limo companies increase their sales and grow their businesses through online marketing but what is it exactly that you do?”

I realized I needed to create a video explaining exactly how our proven system works, step by step, and how our clients get the results they do. Check it out:

We can help you get your Internet marketing right, but we only work with ONE Limousine contractor in each market. So, call me at 855-255-LIMO before your competitor does

Pay-Per-Click Management

Starting a marketing campaign that takes 6 – 12 months to start generating leads is no good, and that’s what you typically get when you just start an SEO campaign. Pay per click management is essential for those businesses that can’t wait a year for their phone to start ringing. If you want to start booking right away, pay per click is the only way to go.

Google Ads Management

At Limo Marketer we offer Google Ads campaign creation, and management. It’s important to work with a company that is familiar with your industry and even more importantly, your location.

Corporate-focused limo companies require different campaign builds than retail focused limo companies. Everything from the ad copy, to the keywords you choose need to be specifically tailored to your location, and the vehicles you offer.

At Limo Marketer we will build you a campaign that will get you the sort of rides you are looking for. We’ve found that the most successful campaigns are targeting a specific buyer persona, and finding those clients that are looking for a limo company to handle all of their travel needs is of utmost importance.

If you’ve never given Google Ads a shot, or you have and were unsuccessful, give us a call at 855-255-LIMO or book a time here and we will show you how you can start generating bookings through the world’s largest search engine.

Bing Ads Management

Bing Ads is probably the most underutilized advertising channel there is. It does especially well in large markets like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago where there is ample search volume.

The reason most limo companies don’t use Bing Ads, is because they themselves don’t use it, and just assume that nobody else uses it either; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While it gets nowhere near the search volume that Google receives, Bing does get about 20 – 25% of it, and at a much lower cost per click. When you lower your cost per click, you lower your cost per lead, which in turn lowers your cost per client acquisition, making your limo business much more profitable.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads can be a great platform to use for limo companies that focus on things like tours and events. Facebook allows very thorough demographic targeting, unlike Google.

The downside to Facebook Ads is you don’t get the intent you get with Google Ads (i.e. they aren’t actively searching for your services). This makes it important that your ads are targeting the right buyer persona, and is speaking to them in the right way.

You also want to offer some sort of a special, or limited time offer in your FB Ads, to give the potential client an incentive to fill out their information.

If you haven’t tried Facebook Ads before, give us a call at 855-255-LIMO or schedule an appointment here and we will show you how you can start generating bookings from the world’s largest social network.

Case Study – How A Boston Limo Company 10x’d His Business In 6 Months

Are you the owner of a transportation company struggling to get clients consistently?
Or maybe you are getting clients consistently but think the return on your marketing dollars isn’t as good as it could be?

I just recently interviewed a Boston Transportation Company that was months away from going out of business. In this case study you will find out the EXACT strategies we used to take him from an owner/operator, to the head of a successful transportation company with 5 vehicles and 5 full-time chauffeurs.

You will find out that with the right marketing system in place, anyone can have these same results.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a term that is thrown around a lot, and can mean lots of different things. Think of it as a way to convert the leads you are getting into bookings.

Over the past several years we have noticed a recurring theme: our clients were getting lots of leads, but not booking very many of them. Upon further inspection we found out the leads many times weren’t being followed up with right away, and the ones that were only received one follow up.

If you want to start generating a ton of bookings with your limo business, you need to have a solid sales strategy and follow up system. Sending a quote out via email and then never following up again is a recipe for a very low closing rate, which can drive up your client acquisition costs, making your profits almost non-existent.

The solution to this is to have a system in place that helps you and your sales team stay on task. Most limo businesses spend far too much time trying to decide what to do next; this system solves that issue so your sales force can spend their time on revenue generating activities, like having conversations with clients.

The system also allows you to track the different channels the lead came through, so as to close the loop. This way you know which marketing channels deserve your marketing dollars.

With a solid strategy in place for generating leads, and a system to close those leads, you will be well on your way to having a system which can predictably scale your business.

Give us a call today at 855-255-LIMO or schedule a time here to find out how you can systematize your follow up and convert more leads into sales.

SEO & Local Map Optimization

In an effort to drive as many leads as possible to your business, you also want to be ranked in your area locally for keywords.

There are two sections that are both referred to as “organic”. The first section is the local 3 pack, which displays results based on the user’s location and other factors like how many reviews a business has, having their listing optimized, and having congruent citations (name, address phone number) across the internet.

The other area is below the local 3 pack, and is another area you want your business to be in to drive the maximum number of bookings to your limousine business. Studies have shown some people click on the ads, and some just on the organic listings, therefore you want to be sure your limo businesses has a presence in all 3 locations

If you are spending money on pay-per-click marketing, we highly recommend adding these services to your marketing package as well. You can view this as more of a long term investment into your business, as once you are ranked in the 3 pack and the organic areas, you will drive consistent calls to your business but not have to pay per click like you do with Google Ads.

Give us a call today at 855-255-LIMO or schedule a time here to find out how you can start generating more business from Google’s local map pack.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation is more important than it has ever been. Your brand reputation is one of the most important components of your overall marketing efforts.

Having a poor brand reputation will drive up your cost to acquire a new client, as many potential clients might find you online, only to check out your review; when they see you are a 2 star company, why would they risk doing business with you over a company with 4.5 stars?

They wouldn’t, and most don’t.

This is why it is so crucial that you have a system in place for gathering reviews from happy clients. Sporadic efforts to get reviews will lead to sporadic results.

Contact us today at 855-255-LIMO or schedule a time here to find out how you can start getting reviews automatically from happy clients.

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